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Corporate Speaker - A Powerful Way to Reach Employees

Corporate Speaker - A Powerful Way to Reach Employees

Companies continuously look for a new competitive edge, another method for gaining an advantage over any competitor. One such method is decreasing workplace accidents, leading to increased productivity and effectiveness. However, safety training from a corporate speaker often seems to fall on deaf ears. The employees' (and managers') attitudes are one of indifference - "I have heard all this before!" Companies increasingly turn to corporate speakers to help hone the message.

The True Story of a Corporate Speaker

Corporate Speaker - A Powerful Way to Reach Employees A corporate speaker can bring the importance of safety training to life through his or her own life experiences. True-life stories have to power to inspire, motivate, encourage, and change us. Stories bring life to a situation. The human brain is designed to respond to stories and to remember them. Stories help us empathize with other individuals and feel as if we are a part of something bigger than we are.

While statistics are helpful and necessary, emotions motivate us. A memory filled with emotion stays with us throughout our life while statistics are quickly forgotten. Research shows that hearing a story and actually experiencing something in our own life activates the same area of the brain. The brain does not distinguish between the two.

We are inspired by hearing how others overcame difficulties and encouraged us to learn new ways to handle life's challenges. Valuable lessons are imparted in an impactful and effective manner.

Stories describing a real event provide an influential and credible method to reinforce a company's safety program. A story has the power to stimulate the energy of the audience and create the desire to act.

Brad Hurtig's story clearly provides this impetus. As a teenager, he lost both of his hands due to a workplace accident. His message compels companies, managers, and employees to grasp the importance of safety training. Coworkers draw together to improve working conditions for themselves and those around them. As a corporate speaker, Brad's story creates the push to put workplace safety first, ensuring that no others suffer the same fate so contact us today. Brad Hurtig is proud to be a member of the Relevant Speakers Network!