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Hiring a Corporate Speaker

Hiring a Corporate Speaker

Workplace accidents are no joke, and that’s why you need a Corporate speaker who can remind you of such—or at least remind your workers. And that’s what Brad Hurtig is all about. But let’s look at this more in-depth.

A Corporate Speaker for Workplace Accidents – Is it a good idea?

A Corporate Speaker for Workplace Accidents – Is it a good idea?With the disturbing increase of working environment mishaps brought about by human mistakes, it is more vital than ever to discuss and enact well-being strategies in the workplace in order to maintain a safe working environment. Most human variables associated with mishaps have to do with memory, mindfulness and consideration, judgment and thinking, frame of mind, and hazard recognition—all factors related to managing intellectual attitudes and remaining alert and centered amid possible risky work circumstances.

Nothing conveys the significance of well-being better than an individual story. Neuroscience studies have shown that when an audience is actively engaged, portions of the cerebrum are activated, setting off their creative energy, drawing them in with a profound passionate reaction and fixing it into memory. With these regions of the mind enacted and associated with a physical and passionate reaction, memory retention has proven to be multiplied many times compared to safety preparation through raw numbers alone.

Persuasive Speaker Brad Hurtig communicates his exceptional, uplifting story of turning an incapacitating mishap brought about by a poor split-second choice into a groundbreaking rebound that will motivate your group to build up a genuine well-being society attitude. Brad knows that it is so natural to move toward becoming desensitized to normal security schedules, and he has learned first-hand how 'simply this once' can, unfortunately, affect the remainder of a person’s life. So think before you act, especially when it comes to your safety or someone else’s … ‘just this once’ may end up being your last mistake on the job.

About Corporate Speaker Brad

About Corporate Speaker BradBrad leaves gatherings of people enraptured, motivated and prepared to make a move as he speaks of his experience in an articulate way while also incorporating the audience. His vision, attitude and coarseness toward a Well-being Environment will affect your group by urging better everyday security choices in the working environment and changing the manner in which your representatives view and approach their employment. Audience members will leave will a firm understanding of and a desire to follow working environment security conventions, instead of opposing or overlooking them.

Brad has definitely dealt with unsafe practices, having lost both of his hands in something worse than most workplace accidents. Amidst such a tremendous tragedy, Brad has found the opportunity to share his experience and teach others in a profound and impactful way about the importance of well-being policies at work and in regular daily existence. It is his hope that he can help others avoid learning these lessons the hard way, as he has experienced. Indeed, he is the perfect Corporate speaker to talk all about it, having witnessed the dangers firsthand! Contact Brad today to have him speak at your place of business.