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How to Prevent Workplace Accidents

How to Prevent Workplace Accidents

No one wants to see workplace accidents occur, not the employees at risk and not the employer. It is especially disruptive to the employee’s life, but the employer also has to deal with any issues that arise.


When a work environment does not have proper safety training in place, it increases the chance that workplace accidents will happen. But if a company has evaluated its safety protocols and made improvements, the working conditions improve for the employee and preventable problems are avoided.

Common Causes of Workplace Accidents

Common Causes of Workplace Accidents- Falling on unsafe terrain
Employees have to be able to move efficiently through the building. Now, imagine a place where there is a large chip in the tile or a freshly mopped floor with no sign.

Not addressing those problems is asking for something to occur. You can avoid this by fixing damaged areas and putting up proper signage to alert people.

- Having poor lighting
People can also fall or run into objects when they can’t see properly. Make sure all the spaces an employee needs to access have proper lighting. This is especially true for rooms that aren’t commonly used, like basement-level storage.

- Improper handling of hazardous materials
Depending on your work environment, you may need to come into contact with hazardous materials. Without any protocol or education measures in place, employees will risk their lives and health by handling materials without protective gear.

- Heavy lifting
Every person has a different tolerance for what they can lift. That is why it is important to make accommodations for any large items that need to be lifted. If your job requires heavy lifting, make it clear what the requirements are so that employees know whether they can perform a job.

These are just some of the ways that workplace accidents can occur. No one wants injuries to happen, and most of the time they are totally preventable. If you take some simple steps to establish safety training and protocols, you can create a better work environment for all.

Brad Hurtig is a motivational speaker who shares how to prevent workplace accidents with corporations. As a high school student, a preventable accident at a factory led his hands to be amputated. Brad uses his powerful story to inspire employers and employees to create a safer work environment for everyone. Contact us Today! Brad is proud to be a member of the Relevant Speakers Network!