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Safety Training -  How to Make Your Workers More Enthusiastic

Safety Training - How to Make Your Workers More Enthusiastic

Most employers know how important safety training can be. In some cases, it can quite literally be the difference between an uneventful day at work and the death of a worker. However, despite the importance of safety training, it can often be a little challenging to get employees to care about it. Most of the time, you will find that they would prefer to simply do their jobs than worry about safety. Of course, if you wish to maintain an accident-free workplace, you will need to get your workers on-board with your safety initiatives. Let's take a brief look at how you can do just that:

Avoid Relying on Long, Boring Safety Training Manuals

Avoid Relying on Long, Boring Safety Training ManualsFor too many companies, safety training consists solely of several hundred-page long manuals that is given to all new employees. Though it is certainly important to have all of your rules and procedures are written down for your workers to reference whenever necessary, it should not be your entire safety training plan.

Being left at a desk to read through a set of dos and don'ts is not likely to make your employees feel enthusiastic about safety. In reality, they will probably just flick through it, sign at the end to show they have read it, and then never open it again. This practice does nothing to reduce the frequency of workplace accidents.

To get your employees more excited about building a safer work environment, you will need to take steps that go beyond the manual.

Make Safety Training More Personal and Relatable

Make Safety Training More Personal and RelatableOne of the best ways to boost your staff's enthusiasm about safety training is by making it more personal. By avoiding handing them a bunch of words on a page and providing them with something they can relate with, you will find that their interest will pique almost immediately.

Though there are plenty of different ways to make safety training more relatable, hiring an experienced corporate speaker like Brad Hurtig is undoubtedly the most effective. Having lost both of his forearms to a tragic accident when he was just a teenager, he understands how devastating workplace injuries can be. As such, he is ideally placed to help your employees understand and appreciate the importance of safety training.

Throughout his presentation, Brad discusses his accident, how it impacted his life, and how hard he had to battle to get to where he is today. In doing so, he also highlights how improved safety practices and training could have prevented his injuries. By the time he has finished speaking, your employees will emerge with a more fulsome understanding of the importance of safety training and a desire to prevent accidents from occurring to themselves and their colleagues.

Over the years, Brad Hurtig has safety presentations to a wide variety of companies throughout the United States. He would love to do the same for your business and its employees. To start the booking process, please contact us today! We will get back to you as soon as possible with more information.