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Safety Training Inspiration

Safety Training Inspiration

Light-up your workforce with a unique safety training that will inspire best practices in workplace safety. Brad Hurtig’s personal story will instill the importance of mindfulness and prevention at work. From heavy machinery operation to correct lifting techniques, to fire codes, trip hazards and beyond. Brad’s journey will inspire your organization to develop and follow safety procedures for themselves and for their peers. Brad Hurtig is a natural storyteller who shares his uncomfortable journey with your audience to remind them of the importance of how safety, mindfulness and best practices are tools of prevention.

Unique Safety Training

Unique Safety TrainingWhat makes Brad’s safety training speech so unique? Well, he lost both of his hands during a workplace accident that could have been prevented. Instead of wallowing, this experience has propelled him to share his story with the world as an example of how safety procedures and safety training can make a ​huge ​ difference. Brad’s tenacity has enabled healing, success, and meaning in his own life. Brad is here to remind us that we cannot be too safe and that every accident has a cause, and often, a preventable one. With humor, Brad entices us towards the tools of prevention: communication, safety training, procedures and acting with best practices in mind.

It’s easy to imagine how unexpected events alter lives. With safety training, we learn to buckle our seatbelts in the car because of what ​could ​happen, often not the “fault” of our own. With forward-thinking perception, we can prevent or minimize worst-case scenarios. With forward-thinking perception, we can envision how our present moment actions lead to big-picture results. Safety training is a lesson in changing our perception, to include myriad possibilities, which will alter our overall mindset. Brad’s deeply personal and humorous journey will elicit a changed behavior with a powerfully tenacious resilience that connects us to the moment that changed his life forever and how that may have been prevented.

As a high school sophomore and football player, Brad incurred a workplace injury that resulted in the loss of both of his hands. He describes how this happened, what led to that moment of fate and his tenacity that altered the results of the accident. Brad’s situation was the epitome of how safety training and following the procedures therein can have tremendous results. Though not just a regrettable journey of prevention, but also one of tenacity and adaptation to change.

Brad reminds us of these tools in overcoming any of life’s challenges. In most situations, awareness is key, including awareness of lessons learned in safety training.

Safety Training for Life

Safety Training for LifeWe can bring the tenants of safety training to all aspects of our lives. From the workplace to driving a car or operating machinery, to heavy lifting or simply noticing your surroundings.

Find a way to bring safe productivity to your organization! And Take the dullness out of the safety meeting with Brad Hurtig’s journey that will inspire a desire for best practices. Contact Brad or the Relevant Speakers Network to bring his out-of-the-ordinary safety training to your business or organization. Find a way towards safe productivity!