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Workplace Accidents - Are Employees Scared to Report?

Workplace Accidents - Are Employees Scared to Report?

Can we trust any statistics that say that the incidence of workplace accidents is decreasing? How accurate are the statistics? Unfortunately, studies indicate that many employees, no matter the industry in which they are employed, are scared to report workplace accidents. The reasons may vary, but the most commonly cited reasons are that the employee is afraid that his or her manager may be angry or feel that the company will not do anything about the report.

Workplace Accidents - Why should they be reported?

Workplace Accidents - Are Employees Scared to Report?Employees and managers alike need to report workplace accidents because this is the only way the company can improve the working conditions for all of its employees. It does not matter the size of the incident, reporting the details allows companies to adjust procedures, equipment, training or take other steps necessary to create a safer working environment for all employees.

Reporting workplace accidents ultimately lead to a safer working environment with fewer workplace accidents for the individual making the report and for all of his or her coworkers.

This difficulty is how do employers pass this message along to the employees. How can a company convince the employees that reporting is the right thing to do?

First, managers and supervisors need to be approachable. Employees need to feel comfortable reporting an accident to a supervisor an accident. If employees remain hesitant about approaching someone in person, then a company can implement an online system.

Reporting is not about determining blame, but about preventing future similar accidents from occurring. Reporting accidents needs to be a key component of any company's safety policy. All incidents should be reported, no matter how small or insignificant it might appear.

Brad Hurtig understands the essential nature of accident prevention. He lost his hands in a workplace accident while still in his teens. However, rather than letting the accident define the rest of his life, he persevered and learned how to find a way to succeed. However, he does not want others to experience the same horrific accident and he now works to pass this message along to companies, managers, and employees. His personal experiences clearly emphasize the importance of workplace safety, preventing workplace accidents and the necessity of reporting so book him today to hear his message. Brad Hurtig is proud to be a member of the Relevant Speakers Network!