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Workplace Ethics - How Good Ones Affect Your Company’s Bottom Line

Workplace Ethics - How Good Ones Affect Your Company’s Bottom Line

What comes to mind when you hear the term “workplace ethics?” If you are like most, you start to zone out and daydream of bigger and better things like cold drinks on the beach. The term is just not one that reaches out and grabs your attention, is it?

In other instances, we tend to gravitate to the extremes. Things such as blatant theft, workplace violence, and sexual harassment usually top the list in the “violation of ethics” category. Obviously, these are big no-nos and are absolutely detrimental to the morale and corporate culture of any business, big or small. Word spreads like wildfire, interrupting normal business proceedings, impeding on productivity and bringing an otherwise normal and efficient workday to a grinding halt, all because an employee stepped in it BIG time and created an ethical breach in conduct.

But what about something smaller? What about an employee that regularly makes a habit of walking out of the office carrying a brand-new roll of Pom-brand toilet paper under his arm to take home for his own personal porcelain throne? Even though the idea brings a small chuckle to most, this person was ultimately fired from his job for just such an act.

At the Lampo Group LLC., radio celebrity and personal finance expert Dave Ramsey was the boss who took action and let go his “unruly” employee for pilfering toilet paper from the janitorial supply closet on a regular basis.

The employee was confronted, and upon confirmation that he had indeed been stealing toilet paper, Dave fired him. As he retells the story, Dave explains that the employee was in shock at the seemingly severe consequences. “I can’t believe you are letting me go over a roll of toilet paper!” he says to Dave.

In his all-to-recognizable Tennessee drawl, Dave responds, “I can’t believe you are losing your job over a roll of toilet paper!”

The point was simple, stealing is stealing, no matter the amount, and stealing is a direct violation of workplace ethics according to Dave.

Incorporating proper Workplace Ethics into your company culture

Incorporating proper Workplace Ethics into your company cultureBut here is the interesting thing: Dave Ramsey’s business has won awards for company culture. His turnover rate is incredibly low, and he regularly remarks on the quality of his employees - something that is rare of any business owner/employer. In fact, most are hard-pressed to find any workplace boss that sings constant praises of his staff.

And it isn’t just the company culture that is remarkable. Dave’s company is incredibly profitable. In and of itself, that is not all that impressive. What makes it a stand-out is that he runs a business completely 100% debt-free. No bank loans. No credit cards. No outstanding debt of any kind. Almost unheard of in American business practices, and much of this can be attributed to the high standard that Dave places on his company culture and his implementation of workplace ethics.

The Lamp Group is a great example of how proper implementation of great workplace ethics can revolutionize a business. Not only does it create a positive culture and workplace environment, but it can also be incredibly profitable.

However, such an ambiguous subject can be difficult to know how to incorporate into your company culture. That’s where Brad Hurtig comes in. Specializing in safety and behind-the-scene workplace function, Brad’s special skill set is just what you need to begin implementing workplace ethics into your place of business. He has even been featured on The New York Times, CBS and NBC, just to name a few.

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