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Workplace Ethics

Workplace Ethics - Honesty is Still the Best Policy

In today's world, it seems that honesty is often not highly valued. Lying, cheating, and doing whatever it takes to get ahead are apparently becoming the norm. However, companies cannot build trust and long-term relationships with their employees, their customers, or their vendors, without building a reputation of honesty. As old-fashioned as the concept may seem, when it comes to workplace ethics honesty is still the best policy. Honesty is a necessary company characteristic for any company as it sets the foundation for the company culture, creates consistency in company behavior, and builds trust and loyalty in all stakeholders, including employees, customers, and vendors.

Workplace Ethics Builds a Strong Company Culture

Workplace Ethics Builds a Strong Company CultureA company culture of honesty helps ensure success in the long-term. Employees feel validated and empowered and, therefore, are willing to go the extra mile to help the company. Honesty prevents the spreading of false rumors, as employees trust the company and management to keep them informed. An open-door policy is essential for employees to ask questions and provide their own insight without any fear of reprisal. A culture of honesty instills a sense of trust in the employees. This sense of trust encourages employees to act in an honest manner themselves. Well-informed employees appreciate the company and are encouraged to be honest with those around them.

Employees and Customers Place their Trust in Companies Known for their Workplace Ethics

Employees and Customers Place their Trust in Companies Known for their Workplace EthicsStrong workplace ethics bolsters consistent employee behavior and activity no matter the circumstances. When things are going well, and more importantly, when things are going not going well, the attitudes remain the same. This consistency is then appreciated by the customers and vendors, who are more likely to continue their relationship with the company. Employees are more likely to retain a sense of self-accountability and responsibility. Therefore, they are more willing to take steps to fix any problems they encounter. Fixing of problems is expedited, saving the company money and time, and increasing customer and vendor satisfaction.

Customers appreciate workplace ethics based on honesty. In today's highly competitive market consumers are looking for companies with an extra something, and often that extra something relates to honest policies regarding the company's treatment of its employees, its customers, and the world's fragile environment. Companies that accept their own accountability draw in customers who appreciate that quality as an indication that this a company they want to do business with. Customers are drawn to companies who care not only about providing a quality service or product but also care about people and the world we live in.

One way to help build a strong company culture based on honesty is to bring in a motivational speaker. These speakers have the uncanny ability to unite a group of individuals to a single cause, creating awareness throughout management and employees of the importance of working together towards a goal. Brad Hurtig is one such speaker. Having lost both hands in a workplace accident during his high school years, he provides a unique perspective on the topic of workplace ethics. To learn more about Brad and how he can help you, please contact us.