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Workplace Ethics to Inspire Results

Workplace Ethics to Inspire Results

A moving story to inspire workplace ethics. Ethics help business and organizations effectively navigate best practices so that work is efficient, safe, done well, on-time and organized. Brad Hurtig brings these tenants to your audience with his moving story of struggle, community, adaptation to change and a little tenacity to help along the way.

Brad Hurtig will share his story about a workplace injury that has dramatically altered his life. Most importantly, he reminds us that with proper workplace ethics, these accidents can be prevented. With ethics in place, we can change how we live and how we handle setbacks and adversity. Adaptation opens-up whole new worlds full of possibilities. Adaptation lets us find the way. And it takes perseverance to make it happen. Tenacity has led Brad to this point, of being on stage and discussing that which is dramatically altered the course of his life, in unexpected ways. But here he is, ready to speak for you. Tenacity is taking something where we want it to go. There may be steep hills or raging rivers along the way, but if you want it enough, you’ll find a way. Over, around, under or ​through ​.

Workplace Ethics are a Process

Workplace Ethics are a ProcessWorkplace ethics gets the work done in the most optimal ways possible. Ethics require us to be mindful and aware of what could happen and the results we’d like to see. Brad reminds us that our perception may have to be altered to consider the myriad possibilities that await us when what we want and how we’re going to get what we want, come into alignment with action. Workplace ethics are our organization’s guide to get us there. These ethics become the framework from which our organizations operate, and are usually a process in constant motion, requiring adaptation and change along the way. Adaptation is a mindset and a tool to take us to further or to the next level. With adaptation as a foundation for workplace ethics, we can adjust to changing situations and learn to navigate optimally through that.

Clean-up your organization’s workplace ethics with humorous and meaningful inspiration that will make your audience want to embed best practices into their daily routines, both at home and in the workplace. After a workplace accident that resulted in the loss of both of his hands, Brad is a living example of what we don’t want to happen in our organizations and workplaces. Despite this incredible circumstance, Brad found his power in his ability to adapt, with the help of tenacity. With these tools and community support, he enabled himself to play team football, to go about life’s daily tasks and focus on what’s important to him. Let Brad instill the ​feeling ​ of why ethics are valuable and how when put into practice, lead to the development (and use of!) best practices.

Brad wants to bring his powerful story to your audience to motivate workplace ethics in your organization. With adaptation and tenacity as core tenants, any business or organization can overcome hurdles to success. It’s not just about finding the way, ethics are the way. Go further with them. Contact us today to have Brad speak at your next event!