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Would You Like to Minimize and Prevent Workplace Accidents?

There are many known causes of workplace accidents. Many of your employees have had one of these accidents or will have in the near future. Education on how to prevent these accidents from happening is our goal and should be a top priority for you and your business.

 The Cost Factor Associated with Workplace Accidents

The Cost Factor Associated with Workplace AccidentsThe cost factor incurred with most accidents has become a major issue with the bottom line in many companies. Some of the costs you might incur could be paying worker’s compensation, as well as the extra expense incurred hiring and training temp services. The effects also result in lower productivity while the temp service employee is training. This costs your company money, which may or may not be available.
If your company is experiencing higher than normal workplace accident rates, the effect on your employees will also affect productivity. It’s important to have the proper training in the workplace to prevent accidents, and that is where we come in.

How to Prevent these Accidents

If your company has strong safety measures in place, you have developed clear training for your employees. Supervisors are alert, making sure that your employees are able to complete their jobs safely, and you are one step closer to a better environment where workplace accidents are minimized. Having a motivational speaker address these safety measures for your employees will give them the impression that you, as a business owner/manager, are doing your utmost to protect those who work for you.

Brad Hurtig is one of the top motivational speakers on Workplace Safety. His goal is to ensure that your employees know and understand the importance of preventing accidents in the workplace. Brad’s experience, as just a sophomore in high school, motivates him to share his life experiences, and challenge your employees to follow all safety regulations that are in place to protect them. Contact us today to schedule Brad for your next training session. Brad Hurtig is proud to be a member of the Relevant Speakers Network!